The New Threads for the Season

The Hong Kong Inline Hockey League (HKIHL) unveiled the jersey designs of each team for the upcoming season. Working along side the league’s jersey sponsor, Homely Sportswear and the title sponsor Mikei, it seems the league nailed it with the designs. The fabric of the jersey is quite light which is important, given the fact that the games are played in outdoor temperatures. 

‘We are ecstatic with the designs as it brings out the character of each sponsor.  The players and the sponsors are going to love them!’ said the league’s commissioner, Keith Fong. Fong is also the CEO of Powerplay Sports & Entertainment Ltd, which has acceptable the role of organizing the HKIHL and the upcoming tournaments such as the Hong Kong Inline Cup and Hong Kong Inline Championships. 

To date, Powerplay has implemented the Draft, increased the number of participants, totaling eight (8) teams, created a new website with app functions and much more to be announced in the near future.